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My goal for 2015


As we end 2014 and begin a new year in 2015, I think back on what i have accomplished this year and goals for next year.
Although my health has improved in some areas (cholesterol is down!), i still struggle with high blood pressure and weight gain. Entering the change of life (peri-menopause) has clearly had an effect on my metabolism.
Many of us begin the weight-loss struggle in order to improve our looks or have our clothes fit better (including myself). Lately there seems to be more of a tendency with some to accept the weight gain and be happy with it.
While accepting who we are and how we look is great that thought process does nothing towards counteracting the effects that being overweight has on our overall health. High blood pressure, visceral fat, extreme pressure on joints are just a few of the health effects caused by being overweight.
As much as i’ve changed my eating habits (we eat in an average of 6 days a week per month opting to cook our own meals, we do not drink sodas/pop, we’ve cut out the sweets, include more greens, fruit and fish in our diet and cut way back on the red meat, etc.), it is still not enough. So my main goal will be to incorporate a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise for five days a week. I am about 75 lbs overweight and would be perfectly happy to stay at this weight. However if i want to be around to see my future grandchildren I know i need to lose the weight. And it is for them and for my children that i do this.

So i ask all of you to consider your health and how this incorporates into your goals for 2015 and just think about this: There are some things we cannot change no matter how hard we try but when we accept that which we cannot change, are we doing it because its just too hard to change? Is it just easier to say i’m going to accept this as the way things are and no longer fight it?

I’d love to work with you to help you  discover and achieve your goals. what are your roadblocks? Your life and your health are worth the endeavor. i’d love to hear from you. What are your goals for 2015?

Black Friday Madness!

Black Friday is just one of the most stressful days of the holiday season. I loved getting up early to get the good bargains and shop for that special toy that my kids wanted. The stress of the crowds, lines, eating at odd hours (or missing a meal altogether) and the long shopping day  sometimes got to me. Now that my kids have grown I find I’d rather skip all that. I’ll just stay in bed and shop online.

BUT if you’re going out to brave the crowds be prepared and take a small “survival” kit to help keep you shopping all the day through   –

– Granola or protein bars to munch on while waiting in lines and keep your energy up.

Silver Shield Daily Purifying Cleansing Gel to keep germs asilver.gelt bay while cleaning, purifying and moisturizing your skin.

Anxiousless capsules. These are non-habit forming and improve your mood while helping to reduce fatigue. Also non-drowsy.

– A couple of packets of Solstic Energy that you can add to your water. It’s low-calorie and features guarana, green tea and B vitamins. Remember to stay hydrated!

Shop safely and have fun. If you have a chance check out the Nature’s Sunshine promotions!

Pumpkin Pie Spice Shake

The holidays are here and we all know what that means – lots of goodies and samples are offered to us wherever we go (grocery store, mall, office parties, etc.)!

So many temptations make it very hard for us to keep our weight in check much less lose any pounds! Rather than stress about it, before going on a shopping trip or attending the next party I treat myself to one of these pumpkin pie spice shakes.

This shake tames the hungries so I don’t overdo it on the holiday goodies and helps me avoid doing major damage to my waistline. You can find both flavors of the Nature’s Sunshine SmartMeals on my website!



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Hello world!

Hello World!

I am so excited to be starting this blog to help others improve their lives and that of their families through better health. A little about me – I’m married, mother of 3 great kids and 2 small mischievous little dogs (Chico and Sophie – they may drop by from time to time). I love dancing, traveling, photography, cozying up with a good book (any recommendations?), and a glass of iced tea or a yummy latte depending on the weather. I live in Texas so we never know what we’re having weather-wise.

I’m blessed with good skin and healthy genes and I want to keep it that way. I began using Nature’s Sunshine to improve my cholesterol. I love the quality and variety of the products (and my doctor even approves!).

I want to spread the word for others to discover a more natural way to improve or maintain good health as well as strengthen our bodies through exercise, natural herbs and essential oils to fight the chemicals and impurities put upon us through processed foods and pollution. In order to live full and productive lives we not only need a healthy body but also a healthy mind and spirit.

I hope you’ll visit often and feel free to ask questions or request more info. Stay healthy friends!