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My 6 Tips for Blog Posts

limb.fruitIt is surprising still that in this day and age there are still many people who are not yet out on social media. Various reasons are given such as privacy or lack of technical skills.  Some are very skilled and others are slowly learning their way around this wide world of web and all that it entails. For those who decide to one day make the plunge or are new to this social thing, here are a few blogging tips that I’ve learned along the way and use to make for a better and more interesting experience for you, my readers:

  1. Keep posts simple, yet informative. I know your time is valuable and I want to provide you with interesting and helpful info that you can take and use right away.
  2. Post something funny or motivating – a joke, a quote – and include a photo or image. Humor is always a good thing and there are days when I just want to laugh and forget the stress of the day.
  3. Photos of my hometown. It’s not just about the business (es). I have a life and I’m happy to share parts of it so you can get to know me. Things I may share:
    • What does the weather look like today,
    • What is the price of gas at this moment,
    • I went to a new restaurant or tried something new,
    • Some favorite things to do around town
  4. If I’m reading a good book or find a helpful article I’ll post about it. You might like it too.
  5. From time to time I’ll post a special offer that you can only find here or on my Facebook page or something business related such as:
    • A special of the day,
    • A client and how they use the products or services,
    • Shipping or product /service discounts
    • Sample giveaways
  6. I’ll also include free education and advice through a webinar, video or e-book. I hope you will find these helpful to you.

These tips can also be applied to social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). If there is anything specific you would like to learn to help your wellness goals or social media I’d love to hear from you!